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Well Water or City Water – Which Should You Choose?

Well Water or City Water – The Great Debate

Water is the most important chemical molecule for human survival.

The source of the water that enters our body is incredibly essential because it is a critical component of our livelihood.  You simply can’t live without clean water.

This raises an important  recurring question for all homeowners:  which is better for my family? Well water or municipal water?

Consider the elements that are most essential to your family when selecting whether you prefer well or municipal water.

There is one type of water that balances price, flavor, and health concerns. well water or city water

Well water is the finest choice for your family if you’re looking for a pure, natural source with perfect levels of cleanliness.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why:

Water from a well is more cost-effective.

Homeowners with municipal water are saddled with monthly water bills since city water is filtered,
treated, and monitored by the government.

Well owners have the advantage of not having to pay for city water.

There are no usage costs, and you can instead use a well and hire local water well and treatment firms to test and treat your water.

Jon’s Well and Pump Services LLC are well professionals who can drill your well, install a system, and provide  a number of services to ensure that your water is correctly treated.

Water from a well is beneficial to your health.

Well water naturally tastes much better  than city water since it comes from deep in the ground.

Well water is also better for you because it’s mineral-rich and hasn’t been treated with harmful chemicals.

Because it comes from polluted lakes and rivers, city water is treated with chlorine and fluoride.

These chemicals are used to disinfect and purify water, yet they are harmful to our health.

Because the chemicals are difficult to filter out of the water, the general quality of city water is suspect.

As a result, city water undergoes a more thorough cleansing procedure, resulting in more problems than solutions for human health.

Despite the fact that these processes make the water cleaner, city water can have an unpleasant appearance, smell, and taste, as well as adverse effects on the skin, hair, dishes, and even laundry.

While well water is healthier than city water, its advantages can only be realized if it is carefully monitored and treated.

Although well water has the potential to filter naturally, it’s still a good idea to have it tested and treated for bacteria and other pollutants.

Although well water contains a variety of natural minerals, too much of some minerals can be harmful to human health.

Jon’s Well and Pump Services can schedule a yearly inspection to test your water quality and ensure you enjoy the water you clean water you and your family deserve.

To fulfill your individual water treatment needs,  just have your water tested and then choose from a wide range of water treatment softeners and filters.  Just contact us to get started.


While both well and city water have advantages and disadvantages, choose the water that best suits your needs in terms of cost, flavor, and health.

And the obvious choice my friends to the question, well water or city water is…well water!

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