Water Treatment

Everyone wants clean drinking water for their home and family.  Jon’s Well and Pump Services will bring that dream to a reality with our home filtration systems.  These must-have systems prevent plumbing corrosion, get rid of mineral buildup and make detergent much more effective.

As recent events in Michigan have shown us, it doesn’t matter if your water comes from a municipality or a well, it MUST be pure to protect the health of you and your loved ones. At Jon’s Well and Pump Services, we can offer you a wide selection of water treatment options that are installed by professionals: us!  This selection varies from simple under the sink models to entire home systems.  And the size of your home makes no difference!


What we can offer you:

  • Lead Removal
  • Elimination of plastic water bottles to help protect the environment.
  • Pure, clean water for drinking.
  • A much lower risk of intestinal diseases.
  • A less expensive option than bottled water.