Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Orlando Florida

What Are The Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Orlando?

Orlando is known throughout the world as a first-class tourist destination.  The city attracts tens of millions of people each year. Theme parks such as Disney, Universal , and SeaWorld are widely recognized as some of the most popular locations in the world.

Other business investors have been enticed by the creation of these mega-amusement parks, and the Orlando area now boasts an abundance of hotels, motels, and resorts, as well as amazing nightlife, unlimited restaurants, dozens of fantastic golf courses, and a host of other attractions. Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Orlando Florida

While many people think of Orlando as primarily a family vacation with activities geared toward children, adults will find plenty to do as well. Nature-related attractions such as  The Leu Gardens make for pleasant day trips, while the famous Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral is easily accessible from the city.

Discover the best of this area with our list of the top 5 tourist attractions in Orlando Florida.

1. Disney World Parks

First on any Orlando attraction list will always be…Disney.

Walt Disney World is the most popular family destination spot in the city and undoubtedly will remain that way for the foreseeable future. disney world

There are 4 theme parks here with Magic Kingdom being recognized as the most popular. Cinderella’s Castle dominates the landscape here and is an iconic gathering place.

Epcot’s Spaceship Earth geosphere welcomes visitors to this exposition-style park, which also includes Future World and the World Showcase, an around-the-world experience where guests can learn about different cultures and meet popular international Disney characters such as Mary Poppins and Mulan.

With exciting stunt and special effect presentations, as well as excursions of actual studio space, the Hollywood Studios park allows guests to look into the world of movie magic.

The Kilimanjaro safari at Animal Kingdom is a fantastic way to see African creatures in their native habitat, and the giant Tree of Life provides a beautiful backdrop for family photos.

The parks continue to entertain a night with an amazing fireworks display each evening.  There are also parades and unique yearly special events. Despite the fact that you may be waiting in line for the most popular attractions and rides for a long time, there is hope. Purchasing a  Fast Pass allows you to skip to the front of the line!

If you plan on visiting numerous parks, allow at least one day for each and make use of a park map to help you plan ahead.

Disney’s numerous resort hotel complexes round out the experience by providing a diverse range of themed destinations, ranging from budget resorts like Pop Century to the Port Orleans Resort and Disney Springs which cater to a more mature crowd and include restaurants, shopping, and live music.

2. SeaWorld

Although it has received some bad publicity in recent years, SeaWorld remains near the top of must-visit spots in Orlando.

SeaWorld is recognized for its huge aquariums,  killer whale and dolphin shows, animal encounters, and a variety of thrilling rides. Visitors can still reach into the interactive dolphin pool and pet these gorgeous, intelligent creatures; however, you can no longer feed them. seaworld

Those who wish to get even closer to wildlife including sharks, dolphins, killer whales, penguins, or sea lions can sign up for an up-close tour. A behind-the-scenes look at SeaWorld operations, as well as visits of the manatee rehabilitation center and the dolphin nursery, where the park’s youngest dolphins are cared for, are among the other special trips available and are highly recommended.

Aside from the abundance of sea life, the park offers a variety of thrilling rides for visitors of all ages, including numerous water rides that are very refreshing on a hot Florida day. Roller coasters, such as the Kraken Virtual Reality Coaster, the Manta Coaster, and the Mako super coaster remain popular, thrilling experiences in the park.

And if you enjoy fireworks, you will be treated to an amazing show on Friday and Saturday nights.

3. Typhoon Lagoon

Who doesn’t love a great water park?

Typhoon Lagoon definitely fits the bill.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is one of the largest and most popular water parks in the world. Here you will find attractions for all ages, including child rides and splash zones, such as Ketchakiddee Creek, a play area for small children.  typhoon lagoon

Enjoy surfing?  Then you will love the large wave pool, and the park even gives lessons to wannabe surfers. A relaxing journey down the lazy river, whitewater experiences on Miss Adventure Falls, and adrenaline rides like Humunga Kowabunga are among the other attractions.

There are also many waterslides for different age groups around the park, as well as a sandy beach where kids may play while their parents enjoy the sun and peaceful sound of happy children4.

4. Universal Theme Parks

Do you enjoy movies?  What about theme parks?

Well, welcome to both in one setting!

Universal Studios is a working studio and theme park that was developed with major assistance from director Steven Spielberg.  Its mission is to  give visitors an interactive filmmaking experience.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure is made up of seven themed island parks, each dedicated to a distinct film franchise.  universal studios

The prominent tourist attractions include Marvel Superhero Island, Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent, Seuss Island, Toon Lagoon, and Skull Island.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, complete with Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade, is the park’s newest addition. Visitors can join Harry’s escape from Gringotts bank in the Universal Studios park’s Diagon Alley.

If you want to ride as many rides as possible in the quickest amount of time, consider purchasing an Express Pass, which allows you to skip the wait.

Universal Studios also hosts family-friendly activities and celebrations on a regular basis. City Walk, another Universal property, is a massive entertainment center with food, shopping, nightlife, and other day and night activities.

5. Kennedy Space Center

Although not actually located in Orlando, this is a day trip you don’t want to miss!

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is about an hour’s drive from Orlando and is one of the most popular day outings. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour one of NASA’s most well-known operations centers.

The Heroes and Legends exhibitions, from engineers to early space travelers, introduce guests to the lives and professions of people who made the space program possible. kennedy space center

The US Astronaut Hall of Fame is also located here, as is the Rocket Garden, which houses rockets from some of NASA’s most notable missions, such as the Gemini and Apollo programs.

There are literally thousands of exciting things to do in Orlando Florida.  Get out there and start enjoying them!

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