DeLand Well Drilling


DeLand Florida is one of the oldest cities in the state and is nicknamed “The Athens of Florida”.

The town is located between Daytona Beach and Orlando and boasts many attractions including the oldest college in the state; Stetson University.  It is an outdoor paradise with De Leon Springs State Park along with other waterways and plenty of wooded areas.

The residents here love the small-town atmosphere while also being close to major cities and beaches.  It is a fantastic place to live.  deland well drilling

Citizens here are very hard-working and practical.  One of the things you will see is an environmentally conscious mentality.  This explains the large number of water wells that dot the landscape.

Clean water is a hot topic everywhere and this town is no different.  Well water has become the water of choice in the state of Florida.

But who is drilling all these water wells?

Well, the new number one choice for DeLand well drilling is Jon’s Well and Pump Services Inc.

The owner Jon Morin is well known throughout Florida as an honest and knowledgeable worker who provides great service.  That same man has finally opened his own well company and DeLand has responded by sending the company as much business as he can handle.

Jon’s Well and Pump Services Inc. offers 24 hour emergency work and services four different counties in North/Central Florida.  The company specializes in well drilling but also offers well pump repair and water treatment services for the home.

If your budget is small, the company will work with you to help find a way to get it done.  Jon’s Well and Pump Services is here to help the people of DeLand, Florida!

If you are in need of a DeLand well drilling company, call Jon’s Well and Pump today!

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DeLand Well Drilling FAQs

How much does drilling a well in DeLand cost?

Drilling a water well in DeLand has an average cost of $5,000 for a 150 foot deep well. Projects can range from $1500 to $8000. You can estimate around $20-$25 per foot of depth. Hard to drill terrain will increase the price.

How do you know when you hit water when drilling a water well in DeLand?

Jon's trucks have a large air compressor that shoots air down the drill stem. The air then returns up the hole moving all the cuttings up and out of the hole. At this time, if we are successful, water will begin coming out also.

How does DeLand well drilling work?

A suitable location is chosen.
Permits are pulled.
Jon's Well and Pump Services comes to your DeLand home or business with our drilling equipment.
We utilize a rotary drill to begin the process of drilling into the earth.
We line the well hole with a steel or plastic pipe to prevent contamination.
If the well requires high flow rates, we will place a well screen in the well at the bottom of the casing. This keeps sand and gravel out.
Grout is then added to the space between the sides of the casing and drill hole to keep contaminants from seeping into the well.
After drilling the well, we install a pump to draw water from the well to your water system.


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